Teaching Suite 2.7

posted Aug 25, 2020, 9:49 PM by John Andre
Several improvements were made to make it perform better under Wine (CrossOver). The goal is to remove all elements which do not run well under Wine and replace those with more standard tools.

Action->Form groups has been re-created to make it both more stable and more attractive under Wine.

There are now more options to export data (grades and feedback) to Moodle. Other internal improvements were made to help it be more easily integrated into Learning Analytics systems, like AWARE (Adaptive Weekly Activity Reporting Engine). For example, each scheduled class session can be identified as a Lecture, Workshop, Tutorial, or Seminar.

When marking assessments, Overall feedback and Improvement notes are now separated between the first submission and the rework (second submission).
John Andre,
Aug 25, 2020, 9:49 PM