Teaching App 2.2

posted Aug 20, 2017, 12:09 AM by John Andre
I have added a few new features for the new school year and I fixed a problem in the updater (so you can easily keep your Teaching App fully updated).

The main feature added: Now, if you have multiple people teaching a class (alternating days, for example) or multiple people assessing students, if both teachers use Teaching App, one teacher can export his or her data for the other to import.

Exported data includes:
  • Each student's grade for the selected assignment
  • Each student's improvement items, with current performance levels
  • Each student's attendance for the selected class dates
You can use this new export feature by selecting the proper class and assignment, then going to Data->Export student grades (normal). Choose the option to export as XML.

I have not added the logic, yet, to import all of this data but you can see some of the data by going to Data->Import special.

Soon I will build in the ability to import this exported data.
John Andre,
Aug 20, 2017, 12:09 AM