Teaching App 2.0

posted Jun 17, 2017, 9:08 PM by John Andre   [ updated Jun 17, 2017, 9:48 PM ]
Part of the reason I wrote Teaching App was to support the unique way BTEC HND modules need to be processed. BTEC HND is, this year, undergoing a major change from QCF to RQF. With RQF there is no longer a fixed number of Merit and Distinction options. So, to support this change, and to add overall enhancements to make my life (and hopefully your life) much easier, am now releasing Teaching App 2.0. Here are some of the changes you will see:
  • App History file will now be recorded in reverse order (most recent history is now at the top) to help sort out sync issues if you use Teaching App on multiple machines
  • Changed emailing BTEC module results so that only outcomes on selected assignments will be included in the email
  • Filtering students by group now uses the Team column instead of the Tags column
  • Changing ExtStudentID now gets logged in student history
  • Added normal (non-BTEC) assignments to student detail window
  • Added filtering to student selector form when moving assignment from one student to another (useful when you marked the wrong student on accident)
  • Student detail window will no longer show BTEC outcomes if the student has no BTEC assignments (since that would be irrelevant)
  • Added the ability to import students just with their Student ID (useful when you teach the same students in different semesters)
  • Added ability to track performance level of each improvement item (0-5), logging to student's activity log when changing)
  • Added Improvement Item report to show which improvement items are most common for a class (useful when discussing common problems made by the class)
  • Added Date Last Included to improvement items to see when you last told a student each item
  • Added improvement items on student detail window
  • Importing student grades now supports more options
  • Added Total Grade to student detail window for normal (non-BTEC) assignments which considers scores, weighting, etc. (also, individual assignment scores can be changed with + and  - keys)
  • When marking any assignment, improvement items can now have performance level changed with + and - keys
  • Fixed issue exporting student attendance so now different student groups' sessions on the same day will not cause problems
  • You can now open the Find Historical Student with Ctrl+F
  • Finding historical student now accepts multiple names and will only find students who match all (so entering "John Do" will find "John Doe" but also "Dorry Johnson" but not "Jane Doe")
  • Assignment marking forms now accept negative scores (-100 to +100)
  • Clicking OK when marking an assignment now triggers autosave (only updating the autosave database, in case of crash)
  • Student outcome results report had auto-complete removed because it was causing problems under Wine on Linux)
  • Attendance form (not the public form) can now have font increased or decreased before loading students
  • Added student data history (including improvement items and other student data) which should help with research (tracking student history can be disabled in Options)
  • Added Performance on Last Online Quiz to student so you can see how each did on the last online quiz
  • Added some logic to handle unique data issues when running under Wine on Ubuntu
  • Some major changes to about 20 BTEC windows to support RQF
  • Made some minor user interface changes
John Andre,
Jun 17, 2017, 9:41 PM