3rd Party Software

Below are some software packages I have found very useful in my efforts to provide a better education to my students and get the most out of my time and effort.

This free software runs on Windows and allows you to compare students' papers to each other. That is, if Suzi Smith plagiarized from Jenny Johnson this software will help you to catch that. It runs locally and does not check any internet sources but if you have a collection of documents (.docx work the best) from your students, you can easily use them with this program.

This freemium (free to use the base package and you can pay for the premium version which includes more features) software is a great email client (I am biased because I own part of the company). One of my favorite feature (requires the premium version) is when 200 students email me their assignments to mark, I can extract all of them at once without opening each message.

This paid software allows you to run Windows software on either Mac or Linux machines without installing Windows (so it has very low overhead compared to a virtual machine). I, personally, use it with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and am very happy with it. Their support is fantastic. One sign of their customer focus is that you pay once for each user, regardless of how many machines you use it on. I use it on my main computer plus my classroom laptop, and they only ask me to buy one license.

This operating system, which competes with Mac and Windows, offers the benefits of not only being free (you do not have to pay to use it) but is also very polished with an extensive support community. If you are unhappy with Windows, I suggest you give it a try.